Expert Degree on Film Direction

School Training Málaga. 2020

M.Sc. in Media and Arts Technology
Queen Mary University of London. 2016–2017


Degree in Audio and Video Engineering

University of Málaga. 2013–2014

B.Eng. in Audio and Video Engineering

University of Málaga. 2007–2013

About Me

Engineer. Filmmaker. Media & Arts Technologist. 

I’m a filmmaker, sound engineer and media & arts technologist from Spain.

I attended engineering school in Málaga and got my degree in audio and video engineering, while I also took part in filmmaking and audio production workshops. Then I worked as a music researcher in projects that combined music and technology with educational purposes.

In 2017 I got my MSc in Media and Arts Technology at Queen Mary University of London. As part of the masters curriculum, my colleagues and I made the documentary "Retroism now. Vinyl revival in the digital age". 

I did my thesis project at BBC R&D, where I studied the Mixed Reality device Microsoft Hololens and explored new ways to enhance storytelling with AR.

Since then, I collaborated in different projects as editor, assistant director and consultant, and I've also developed small film projects of my own. 

I currently study Film Directing in School Training (Málaga).


Let's get in touch!

+34 625373490

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