About Me

Engineer. Filmmaker. Media & Arts Technologist. 

I’m a filmmaker, sound engineer and media & arts technologist from Spain.

I attended engineering school in Málaga and got my degree in audio and video engineering, while I also took part in filmmaking and audio production workshops. Then I worked as a music researcher in projects that combined music and technology with educational purposes.

In 2017 I got my MSc in Media and Arts Technology at Queen Mary University of London. As part of the masters curriculum, my colleagues and I made the documentary "Retroism now. Vinyl revival in the digital age". 

I did my thesis project at BBC R&D, where I studied the Mixed Reality device Microsoft Hololens and explored new ways to enhance storytelling with AR.

Since then, I collaborated in different projects as editor, assistant director and consultant, and I've also developed small film projects of my own. 

I currently study Film Directing in School Training (Málaga).

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