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Cani, el musical


Short Film


Writer, Producer

“Cani, el musical” is a musical short film created and produced by four students of the Master in Cinematography and Visual Arts at School Training, a film and sound school in Malaga.

We developed this project as part of the Fiction Directing module, and a team of four students took care of the writing, production and direction of the short film.

"Cani, the musical" comes from the union of four students and our fascination for musical cinema. We each come from a different academic background, and what we want to achieve with this project is to unite our styles and each one contribute their knowledge to experiment with the musical genre and create something unique.

This project was financed thanks to a crowdfunding campaign, it was shot in September 2020, and is now in post-production. All updates are done through the Instagram account of the short film.

Ezequiel “El KoKaHh” is a young cani who falls in love too easily, but all his love affairs end in disaster. Like every Saturday, he goes out with his friends, and he will meet the woman of his dreams. Until ge meets the next one.

Find your way girl!

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