Retroism Now

vinyl revival in the digital age

Co-Director · Camera · Editor · Sound Editor

Analog or Digital - can you hear the difference?

A question regularly asked by musicians and music enthusiasts is about the merits of analog music formats versus digital formats. Is there a perceptual difference, is one better than the other, or is it all just a fetish?

Retroism Now: Vinyl Revival in the Digital Age examines this question with a range of researchers, musicians and enthusiasts trying to find out once and for all what’s the best.

"Retroism Now. Vinyl revival on the digital age" is a documentary made as an assignment for the module Digital Arts Documentary at the MSc Media and Arts Technology programme in March 2017 (Queen Mary University of London).

Documentary nominated for Best Documentary at MK2CORTOFEST (7th - 20th October 2019).

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