Tempo Machine

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Tempo Machine was developed for the CruftFest assignment at the MSc Media and Arts Technology programme at Queen Mary University of London on November 2016.

This project is an application that plays a flamenco song, and allows the user to modify the speed and the rhythmic patterns of the song. The main object of the project is a plastic clock, which has all the sensors installed inside and acts as the input device of the system.

The sensors used in this project are an accelerometer and a potentiometer, which are connected to Arduino. It gets the readings of the sensors through the analogue pins. These readings are sent through serial communication to Max Msp, where the sensor’s readings are used.

In Max Msp, a guitar song is playing on the background, and depending on the sensor's readings, different rhythmic sounds will play with the guitar. The instruments available are drum box, heel-tapping, castanets and clapping. 

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