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Ready to start making films that explore the power of vulnerability?  Then you need to meet Luna Herruzo.


As a passionate storyteller with a background in media and arts technologies research, Luna is well-versed in working with an international team, adapting creatively to unforeseen constraints and being “the keeper of the story” while keeping an eye on details.


Her QMUL student documentary film "Retroism now. Vinyl revival in the digital age" was selected for best short documentary at MK2CORTOFEST 2019. She co-wrote and co-produced the musical short film “Cani, el musical”, which was successfully funded with a crowdfunding campaign and has its own original songs. She is co-director of “Sweet Survival”, a female led short film thriller crafted by an international feminist team that achieved to fill more than 80% of crew positions with professional female filmmakers. Her Super 8 short film “The Great Debate” was selected among the top 25 films of the Straight 8 Competition of 2022, and has been screened at BFI Southbank, LSFF and Picturehouse cinemas.


When this Madrid-based Andalusian isn’t crafting films, you can find her at dancing lessons or listening to history podcasts with a cup of “Earl Grey” tea.

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