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Sweet Survival


Short Film

Festival Circuit

Director, Producer

Sweet Survival is a short film directed by Katharina Gerlich and Luna Herruzo, produced in cooperation with Kunst & Musik and StrangeRivers Productions.

The aim of the project is not only to create a high-value product with interesting cinematography, but also to cover most of the crew positions with professional women of the international filmmaking industry, to support their talent and skills. The women involved in this project come from more than eight different countries, as we would like to promote equality and cooperation between European countries.

We have created an unusual story with strong female characters, and we aim to challenge the way women are portrayed on screen.

On a cold afternoon in a dystopian future, a group of women are submerged in their daily routine at a run-down gas station when a hungry man tries to rob them. Quickly, they control the situation and invite the surprised attacker to have dinner with them. Once seated at the table, he begins to suspect that these women are not what they seem and that it is not just a simple gas station. Then the situation gets out of control.

Find your way girl!

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