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Tempo Machine


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Media and Arts Technologist, Editor, Camera

Tempo Machine was developed as a CruftFest project part of MSc Media and Arts Technology at Queen Mary University of London in November 2016.

This project is an app that plays a flamenco song, and allows the user to modify the playback speed and the rhythmic patterns that accompany the song. The recycled object of this project is a plastic clock in which all the necessary sensors have been installed and it acts as the input device of the system.

The sensors used in this project are an accelerometer and a potentiometer connected to an Arduino board. Via the analog input pins, the Arduino reads the variations of the sensors and sends this data via serial communication to Max/Msp.

In Max/Msp, a piece for guitar is played as the base, and depending on the values obtained by the sensors, different rhythmic patterns are played on the guitar base. The rhythmic instruments available are a flamenco cajón, taconeo, castanets and palmas.

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