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“Tell me what you're focused on, and I'll tell you who you are.”

That phrase kept echoing in my head after watching “Oppenheimer”, while “Barbie” inevitably came to mind.

It's not unusual that discussing one of those films leads to the other; after all, it's a byproduct of the #barbenheimer phenomenon. I was deeply impressed after watching both films, and I needed several days to process the cinematic journey I had just experienced.

“Barbie” says, with a smile, a couple of truths that our society needs to hear to move forward. “Oppenheimer” presents us with a slice of our history that we need to understand or we'll be destined to repeat it.

Interestingly, both films led me to the same questions: What are we paying attention to as a society? What do we glorify, and what do we silence? Who do we glorify, and who do we silence?

I definitely need a film forum to talk about them.

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